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About Us


Las Chingonas Tambien Lloran
(loosely translated to "Badass Women Also Cry" in English) is a Latina-owned business focused on promoting awareness of mental health issues within the Latinx community through artwork and stickers. The name stems from the idea that it's okay to cry and acknowledge difficult emotions, especially if you're a Chingona who often feels pressure to "keep it together" and never seek help or emotional support. Each sticker is an original design intentionally created with elements and influences stemming from Latinx cultures, languages, sayings/dichos, and images, made with high-quality materials and shipped with care.

Las Chingonas Tambien Lloran is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and was started by two Chingonas - Laura and Stephanie. As Latinas, we have had our own struggles with mental health and feel passionate about de-stigmatizing therapy for others in our community. We hope that you'll support our business and join our movement to continue spreading awareness of the importance of taking care of your mental health and increasing access to mental health services for ALL people.